Keep Your Yard Safe

Get raccoon, squirrel and snake removal services in Dawsonville, GA

Ever walk through your yard at night, only to see a pair of glowing eyes staring at you from the bushes? You don't have to share your land with unwanted pests. ACES Wildlife can remove all kinds of outdoor wildlife. We can perform snake removal services to keep you from being bitten or squirrel removal services to protect your home. Anything that can be caught in a trap can be removed safely.

Keep your house and family safe by scheduling a raccoon, squirrel or snake removal in Dawsonville, GA.

We use safe, humane methods

We use safe, humane methods

Sometimes the pest removal is worse than the pest. ACES Wildlife traps animals to remove them without using hazardous chemicals or dangerous poisons. Our team will remove animals without damaging your yard or endangering your health. You'll have peace of mind knowing your yard is clear and safe.

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